Zero waste shops in Leeds

We’re lucky to have so many zero waste shops in Leeds! To make it easy for you to...

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Autumn zero waste garden tips

It's autumn, which means many plants and trees are losing their leaves. For the zero...

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Setting up a school uniform exchange - Facebook or WhatsApp group

One of the simplest ways to start a uniform reuse scheme at your school is to use an...

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Kids running in school uniform

Leeds School Uniform Exchange

We’re building a movement to help Leeds become a Zero Waste City by 2030. As part of...

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Children running at school

New project to redistribute school uniforms in west Leeds

We recently spoke with Cllr Hannah Bithell, a Councillor for the Kirkstall ward in...

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Photo of bales of cardboard and paper by Alex Fu via Canva

Recycling paper and card in your green bin in Leeds

We recently chatted with Kathryn from Leeds City Council to find out everything you...

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Stuart Clarke from Leeds Digital Festival donating laptops to DAWY at Hyde Park Book Club

Got a spare laptop or tablet? Why not donate it?

We chatted recently to Jack Simpson from Hyde Park Book Club, about Digital Access...

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Seven heavenly ideas to use up your fruit

Every year, UK households waste around 1.1 million tonnes of fruit. Around half of...

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Image of three bins - a belly bin, a yellow recycling bin and an orange recycling bin

Recycling whilst you're out and about in Leeds city centre

Did you know that in the centre of Leeds we've got over 80 recycling bins - so that...

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A collection of reusable items outside Hyde Park Picture House

The End of Term Big Clear Out – information for Leeds students

Lots of students will be leaving Leeds over the next few weeks - and naturally...

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Gill Coupland from Zero Waste Leeds talking to Phil Bodmer on BBC Look North.

What happens next to the glass I recycle in Leeds?

Have you ever wondered what happens next to the glass that you recycle in one of...

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Tips for growing your own salad

It's summer and the time of year when plants and gardens are growing furiously and...

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Photo by George Becker via Canva of two plastic bottles

Which plastics can I recycle in my green bin in Leeds?

We all get confused sometimes about which plastics we can recycle in our green bin -...

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5 top tips to make the most of your milk

As always, our top tip is not to overbuy. It’s so easy to pick up a pint - and it’s...

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Having a clear out?

We recently talked to Lesley Naylor from Clutter Therapy UK and Nicola Woodgate from...

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Photo of a bicycle in a repair shop by Alexander Dummer via Canva

How can I get my bike repaired in Leeds?

It's been great to see so many more more people out on bikes in Leeds over the last...

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Donating and buying secondhand stuff

With so many options to buy and donate secondhand stuff in Leeds, there's really very...

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Sewing, repair and upcycling

Around 4,000 tonnes of clothing end up in Leeds' black bins every year. With a little...

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Totally devoted to veg - ten top tips to reduce veg waste

It’s estimated that fresh veg and salad make up 28% of our food waste* - and the main...

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How to make a face covering from stuff you have lying around the house

It's really easy to make face coverings out of stuff you have lying around your...

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Ten tips for using your loaf

In the UK we throw away 24 million slices of bread EVERY DAY. It’s time we learned to...

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Need help choosing a compost bin?

My compost bin journey (Guest blog from Helen Butt of Leeds Rotters) My first...

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Know your labels - use by and best before

Every year, approximately 6.6 million tonnes of food are wasted by UK households,...

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How to compost in a trench

A guest blog from Helen Butt of the Leeds Rotters There are many ways to compost at...

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Recycling Quiz

Are you a Binfluencer, Recycling Rookie or Bin Beginner? Take our quiz below to find...

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Top tips on avoiding food waste

At a time when we need to be more careful with food than ever, there's plenty of...

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What are the benefits of composting?

There are so many good reasons to compost waste and you and your garden will...

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Too wet or dry? Top composting challenges

No one size fits all and different methods work for different situations. That's one...

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How to deal with woody waste

Woody waste can't go in your compost heap. So what can you do with it? Here are some...

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Photo of blue paint and roller by Anete Lusina

How can I recycle paint in Leeds?

If you have paint that could be used by someone else, local social enterprise...

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Close up Photo of batteries by Hilary Halliwell, via Canva

Where can I recycle batteries in Leeds?

It's really important to not put batteries in your black bin, or in your green bin....

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Please don't put small electrical items in your black bin - they can cause a fire hazard.

How do I recycle electrical items in Leeds?

It’s important not to put small electrical items that are no longer working in your...

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Did you know that 4000 tonnes of clothing is thrown away in Leeds black bins every year?

What can I do with clothes I no longer want?

It’s estimated that the average household in Leeds throws away around 12 kilos of...

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Glass recycling bins at Roundhay Park

Where can I recycle my glass in Leeds?

Glass isn’t currently collected from our homes in Leeds. However there are more than...

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Recyclable plastic bottles

What can I recycle in my green bin?

The main things that can go in your green recycling bin are: Paper and cardboard...

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Tips for reusing garden waste

What is garden waste? It’s the waste that you generate in your garden such as grass...

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What can and can't be recycled in Leeds?

If you've ever spent longer than necessary wondering whether the margarine tub,...

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Image of fruit and veg peelings about to go in a compost heap

Top tips on starting a compost heap at home

We've shared some tips on how you can create your own compost heap at home. Many...

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Recycle, reuse, repair and upcycle your clothes

Did you know that 4000 tonnes of clothing and textiles end up in Leeds' black bins...

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Plastic bottles

Get to know more about recycling

It goes without saying that recycling plays an important part in helping us to waste...

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Sewing machine

Get to know your reuse and repair options in Leeds

When we're thinking about wasting less, we often end up focusing first on recycling....

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Refill containers

Stop your waste in its tracks

When we think about wasting less, we often think first of recycling. And whilst...

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