If you’re about to move into a new house or flat, here are some tips for a zero waste move!


The big thing is boxes - you need a lot of them and in all different sizes. You can often find plenty on Freecycle and Facebook marketplace as well as other packing materials like bubble wrap. Local shops are also often happy to give you their spare boxes. And even better if once you have unpacked you are able to offer the boxes up again for reuse. If the boxes are worse for wear you could use them in the garden as mulch or a brown layer in the compost bin or recycle them.

Wrapping materials

For wrapping delicate things up you can use things that you're already moving like tea towels, bathroom towels, bedding, clothing, blankets etc. or use recycled newspapers and recycled bubble wrap.

Furniture and other stuff

If you're looking to donate old furniture or buy furniture once you have arrived, there are plenty of secondhand furniture charity shops, websites (Gumtree, Freegle, Freecycle etc.), local Facebook groups, eBay shops social enterprises in most areas. If you're moving to Leeds make sure to check our list for all of the reuse options we know about.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any other tips for a zero waste move!