In Leeds last year we recycled 37% more glass than the year before. Nice one Leeds! Let's keep on recycling.

Types of glass I can recycle

Bottles of any colour - wine, beer, spirits, soft drinks

Jars of any colour - jam/marmalade, sauces, spreads (eg Nutella, Marmite, sandwich spread), baby food

Other glass - Perfume/aftershave, beauty product glass containers (eg face creams) of any colour

Glass that can't be recycled

Glass cookware - pyrex, microwave dishes

Drinking glasses

Vases and decorative glass ornaments

Nail varnish bottles

Candle jars/reed diffuser bottles


Light bulbs and tubes

Medicine bottles (eg Calpol/Nurofen)

Ceramics - crockery/earthenware

How to recycle

Thank you for recycling your glass!

You're helping to save energy, reduce waste and support jobs in the local glass industry.

To find out more about glass recycling in Leeds visit our Zero Waste Leeds glass recycling page.