We recently chatted with Lottie Hanson-Lowe, from Hubbub about clothing, fashion and, as it is the season, Christmas jumpers.

You may remember we've worked closely with Hubbub in the past, on campaigns including Leeds By Example and Plastic Pioneers.

Fashion is a key theme in Hubbub's work - which is no surprise as our clothing choices have significant environmental impacts.

This is also a theme we'll be exploring over the coming months with our Leeds Fashion Futures project - and in particular we'll be focusing on the things we can all to do to manage the impacts of our wardrobes.

At times we can feel powerless - but there are things we can do. One of the best things we can do is to get more wear out of the clothes we already own. Caring for our clothes better matters too - for example perhaps washing them a bit less, and at lower temperatures. Learning to do easy repairs - like sewing on buttons or sorting out a hem - are key skills to learn if we want to reduce the environmental impacts of our clothing.

We chatted about all of this with Lottie - and then got onto the subject of Christmas. Clearly there aren't going to be big Christmas parties this year - but it's likely (and important) that we find other ways to stay connected over the festive season!

So we talked about simple, common-sense ways to do the right thing - such as re-wearing last year's Christmas jumper, making your own festive jumper (as modelled by our very own Gill on BBC Look North last Christmas!)

Similarly, the last thing on anyone else's mind this Christmas will be that you wore that particular dress at the office party last Christmas! So if you're having a virtual Christmas do, Lottie's tip was to accessorise last year's outfit, rather than buying new.

There are lots more top tips on clothing and fashion on Hubbub's website. And don't forget to look in the "Stuff" section on our website for lots of good ideas on how to waste less - both in the festive season and all year round.