Do you run or work for a local business that purchases new laptops every three or four years?

Might you have some laptops in good working condition that could be of use to other people in Leeds?

Then Tech Angels may well be the people you're looking for.

We recently spoke with Ben from Tech Angels, a social enterprise born out of a collaboration between two established IT-reuse organisations, Solidaritech and Digital Access West Yorkshire.

You can catch up with the conversation with Ben on our YouTube channel.

The model is a simple one - Tech Angels take donations of laptops and other equipment in good working condition (contact them for more details about what they're currently looking for) - and they work with you to ensure that all personal data is removed from the equipment.

They then work with local community organisations to redistribute the equipment to families in Leeds who don't currently have IT access at home.

It goes without saying that this matters more than ever right now - particularly with many children having to study more regularly at home.

It's the kind of project we really like - with really clear social benefits, alongside the obvious environmental and waste reduction benefits that come from extending the life of IT equipment.

If you are interested in donating equipment to Tech Angels please get in touch with them via their website.

You can also watch our interview with Digital Access West Yorkshire here, and you can find out about how to recycle electrical equipment in Leeds here.