We’re building a movement to help make Leeds a zero waste city by 2030

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Glass recycling campaign

People in Leeds recycled 37% more glass last year, compared to 2019 - that's over 3000 tonnes more! Nice one Leeds!

Join our campaign - funded by Friends of Glass, Ardagh Glass and Allied Glass - to get even more people recycling glass in our city. Find out what happens to your glass after it goes in the bank, why it's important to recycle it, and search our map to find your nearest glass bank.

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School uniform re-use

We're helping to make second-hand school uniform the first choice in Leeds. Our Leeds School Uniform Exchange project is supporting people across the city to swap uniform at their school or in their local community.

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Leeds Fashion Futures

We’re exploring how as a city we can reduce the environmental impact of our clothing choices. What could the future hold? And how do we make it easy for people to make sustainable fashion choices? Find out what we're doing as part of #LeedsFashionFutures.

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Got an idea?!

All the work we do begins with an idea. If there’s an issue in Leeds you think we should look into, tell us about it.

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Our top tips

Ways to start reducing your waste


Recycling can get a bit confusing at times - we're here to help to make it that bit easier.

Food waste

Research suggests many of us have reduced how much food we waste over the last couple of months.

Garden waste

Want to start composting, create wildlife habitats, or reuse what's in your garden?


Clothes, furniture, electrical items... we can help to make sure these things doesn't go to waste.

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Our supporters

We’re building a movement. That means everything we do is collaborative and in partnership with others. See who we’re partnering with and who’s helping to fund our work here.

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Issues we’re currently looking into in Leeds

Running event in Leeds

#GiveLeeds - support local community groups and charities

The aim of our #GiveLeeds campaign is to make it as easy as possible for you to...

Running event in Leeds

Join us to make school uniform reuse the norm in Leeds

We are doing all we can to make it as easy as possible for people in Leeds to...

Running event in Leeds

Want help to be a sustainable business? Get in touch

We’re visiting businesses across Leeds to help them become more environmentally...

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Our expertise lies in developing behaviour change campaigns that help people and organisations to waste less.

Are you interested in us working with you?

We have a strong track record for developing engaging, impactful campaigns that create change. Our 10 week #stayathome waste reduction campaign - developed at the start of lockdown in March and delivered for Leeds City Council - is the latest example of this. You can read our impact report here.

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Our thinking

Our latest thoughts on current issues

Podcast - Can Leeds change the face of fashion once again?

TV and Radio Presenter, Peg Alexander, explores the past, present and future of fashion in Leeds to see whether Leeds can, once again, change the face of...

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