We’re building a movement to help make Leeds a zero waste city by 2030

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Recycling on-the-go

#LeedsByExample on-the-go recycling is back! In lockdown we focused on StayAtHome waste reduction but as our city opens up again, we're back promoting the benefits of recycling coffee cups, cans and plastic bottles.

Leeds truly leads the way on this - recycling rates tripled from 17% to 49% and it's being rolled out to other UK cities. We'll be building on that success, as well as adapting to reflect the times by providing practical support to people and businesses to help them waste less. See regular updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Zero Waste Fashion

We launched Zero Waste Fashion to help make it easier for people to recycle, reuse and repair clothing and textiles. We want to reduce the amount of clothing that ends of up in household bins - currently 4000 tonnes per year. See our map of all the textile banks, charity shops, repair shops, sewing classes and clothes exchanges in Leeds.

See our Zero Waste Fashion website

School uniform re-use

Wasting good quality school uniform makes no sense. It's bad for the environment and in a city with 33,000 children living in poverty, school uniform is an added expense that many can't afford. This is the starting point for our uniform reuse project.

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All the work we do begins with an idea. If there’s an issue in Leeds you think we should look into, tell us about it.

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Our top tips

Ways to start reducing your waste


Recycling can get a bit confusing at times - we're here to help to make it that bit easier.

Food waste

Research suggests many of us have reduced how much food we waste over the last couple of months.

Garden waste

Want to start composting, create wildlife habitats, or reuse what's in your garden?


Clothes, furniture, electrical items... we can help to make sure these things doesn't go to waste.

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We’re building a movement. That means everything we do is collaborative and in partnership with others. See who we’re partnering with and who’s helping fund our work here.

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Issues we’re currently looking into in Leeds

Running event in Leeds

Join us to make school uniform reuse the norm in Leeds

Many families in Leeds struggle to afford new school uniforms for their...

Running event in Leeds

Want help to be a sustainable business? Get in touch

We’re visiting businesses across Leeds to help them become more environmentally...

Running event in Leeds

Join our fashion revolution

We'd like your help to explore what we can do reduce the environmental impacts...

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We know lots of organisations in Leeds want to reduce their waste or help the people they work with reduce theirs.

That’s where we help – supporting businesses, events, schools and communities work towards zero waste.

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Image of schoolchildren running

Let's make second-hand uniform the first choice in Leeds

Today we launched our latest project - which aims to make school uniform reuse the norm right across Leeds. With funding from Leeds City Council and Leeds...

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