Very little food goes in the bin at our house. I’d love to say it’s because we’re great meal planners or wonderful cooks that can turn any scrap of food into a tasty meal. Well, we try our best on that front but the main reason is that any leftover food we have goes straight to the worms.

Yes, we have a wormery! So instead of throwing our waste in the bin, which gets picked up by a lorry and taken to the incinerator, our food and paper waste gets turned into nutrient-rich compost that can be used to feed our plants. It doesn’t stop there, we also get free liquid feed – might sound disgusting but it’s worm wee and is absolutely full of microbes to feed the soil.

It’s a great alternative to a compost bin which not everyone has the space for. We live in an apartment with only a small outside patch. The wormery takes up no space at all. There was an initial outlay to buy it but if you look online plenty of people have made their own

It takes a while for the worms to get going but once they do you’ll be surprised at how much of your waste they gobble up!

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