As always, our top tip is not to overbuy. It’s so easy to pick up a pint - and it’s an awful realisation when you open the fridge in the morning and find there’s not enough milk for that first cuppa!

You could try having your milk delivered every day or every couple of days - see our milk delivery at the bottom of the page. There has been a massive upsurge in doorstep milk deliveries as people try to reduce their plastic use - it helps you keep an better eye on how much you need and stops you having to nip to the corner shop when you run out!

We spoke to Leeds-based chef, baker, cookery demonstrator and Master Chef UK Semi-Finalist, Anthony O'Shaughnessy, who shared with us his top tips with us for reducing milk waste.

We've also shared our 5 top tips to make the most of your milk:

1. Freeze it - milk freezes really well just make sure there’s room for it to expand in the bottle or carton! You could also freeze in an icecube tray and drop in your cooking to cream up a sauce or throw it in your morning smoothie.

2. Condense it - condensed milk is just milk with sugar added and water content removed. You can make your own condensed milk by simmering milk (sugar added) on a low heat until it reduces and thickens. It will then keep in the fridge in a sealed jar for a week or you can freeze it. Use in baking, to make caramel and for icecream. It works with oat milk too.

3. Blend it - milk is great in smoothies and milkshakes. Whizz in your blender or nutribullet if you have one. Great way to use up any leftover fruit and veg too. And don’t forget that once you’ve made them, they freeze really well. If you’ve got some lolly moulds, they make great ice lollies, creamy and delicious! How about making yourself a coffee made with milk or an iced coffee for a hot day. You could freeze that into a lolly mould and coat with melted chocolate for a really decadent treat. A top tip for any frozen milkshake/smoothie lolly is to add some condensed milk. Milk can go slightly watery when frozen - this helps maintain the creaminess.

4. Bake with it - bread and butter pudding or rice pudding are both indulgent ways to use up leftover milk and you can control the sugar you add so they’ll be healthier than a bought option. You could even leave out the sugar and add more sultanas, zest of an orange or some leftover soft fruits for sweetness. How about making a lovely custard for a trifle or serve with warm fruit. Leftover fruit can make a really lovely quick jam to serve with your rice pudding or add to a jelly for the trifle.

5. Cook with it - make a basic white sauce which can be the base for so many meals. If you can’t use it straight away you can freeze it - it might be a little thin when it thaws so if you know you’re going to freeze it, make it really thick in the first place. A white sauce is so versatile, you can turn it into a mushroom sauce for pasta, a cheese sauce for macaroni cheese, incorporate into a lasagne or add a selection of fish and seafood for a luxury fish pie.

Gill’s favourite smoothie

200ml milk

1 banana

1 heaped dessert spoon peanut butter

Whizz in your blender or nutribullet - delicious for breakfast and good for using up very ripe bananas too!

Basic White Sauce

50g butter

50g plain flour

500ml milk

Melt the butter over a medium heat in a saucepan. When fully melted take off the heat and add the flour. Mix to a paste. Add the milk a little at a time, stiring continually to avoid lumps - use a whisk for ease. Return to the heat and gradually warm through to a simmer when it will start to thicken. Season with salt and pepper.

Leeds Milk Delivery Directory

This list is not exhaustive and if you know of a local delivery service that’s not on there, please get in touch.

TD Goodall

G&L Walls 07922 097650

Organic Pantry

Gary Ingham

Bryn Wilson 07809 110568

Hayden Lobley M Kare

Fieldhead Farm Guiseley

Guiseley Milk Deliveries - Paul Emsley Dairyman 0113 250 4017

John Pickard Pudsey 07837 711641 or 07949 887204

Micky the Milkman 07767755384