Did you know that in the centre of Leeds we've got over 80 recycling bins - so that you can recycle empty plastic bottles, drinks cans and coffee cups whilst you're out and about?

Clearly few of us have been in the city centre much over the past few months of lockdown, but as non-essential shops reopen, more of us will be in the city centre again.

The orange and yellow bins came to our streets as part of a project called #LeedsByExample - led by environmental charity Hubbub, working alongside Leeds City Council.

We were a partner on the project too - and you may well have seen us out and about in the city centre, with our ReCycler bike, promoting on-the-go recycling.

It's now much easier than it was previously to recycle when you're out and about. And with cafes primarily offering takeaway service at the moment, you may well find yourself with a plastic bottle, drinks can or coffee cup to recycle. You won't have to look far for one of the #LeedsByExample bins - yellow for plastic and cans, orange for coffee cups.

Leeds City Council and Leeds BID, are working very hard to keep the city centre as clean as possible during the COVID-19 epidemic - and the recycling bins - alongside all street furniture, are being cleaned on a regular basis. You can find out more about this here.

We'd like to thank you for recycling whilst you're out and about in Leeds city centre!