We all get confused sometimes about which plastics we can recycle in our green bin - and which ones we can't.

So we invited Kathryn from the Leeds Recycles team at the Council to chat with us about plastics recycling - so we could really get into the detail of what you can and can't recycle.

You can watch our chat here:

You can find out all the information about what can go in your green bin on the Council's website. You'll also find lots of info in the recycling section of our website, including tips on what to do with paint, batteries and electrical items.

Some of the main points covered in the chat with Kathryn include:

There are lots of different types of plastic, and each has a different number. Some, but not all, plastic will have a number on it. The types of plastic you can recycle in your green bin in Leeds are types 1, 2, 4 and 5. Find out more about what can go in your green bin here.

Common things that people are surprised you can recycle in your green bin include bubble wrap, window envelopes, bottles with triggers and pumps (just leave them on), and "stretchy" plastic bags (such as bread bags).

The most commonly used plastics that currently can't be recycled in your green bin include cling film, and black plastic trays and pots (including plant pots).

Our aim at Zero Waste Leeds is to make doing the right thing as easy as possible and we know recycling isn't always as simple as we'd like it to be. But both us and Leeds Recycles are really keen to help where we can. So if you have any questions please ask Leeds Recycles on Twitter or Facebook, or us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

It's also worth signing up to Leeds Recycles' e-newsletter - to find out more about their #TimeToRecycle campaign - alongside other updates on services such as Household Waste Sites.