Throughout COP26, we'll be focusing on a significant source of CO2 emissions - the clothes that we wear.

You may remember that we've done quite a lot of work on clothing over the past couple of years.

We've decided to take a closer look at exactly where the environmental impacts are when it comes to the clothes that we wear.

We'll look at each stage of the process - from growing the crops (or manufacturing the synthetic materials), through to making the clothes, transporting them around the world, washing them and then getting rid of them when we no longer want them.

And we'll look at this issue from three different perspectives:

We'll be talking about this throughout COP 26, and we'll be hearing from local people who know a lot about this too - including a leading academic and people behind the thriving second hand and vintage scene in Leeds.

We'll also be launching the impact report for the first 12 months of Leeds School Uniform Exchange.

We'd love you to get involved - to let us know what you think, to ask us questions, and to encourage your friends and family to explore this topic with us too. Keep an eye out for more on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.