It’s important not to put electrical items that are no longer working in your black bin or in your green bin.

They can present a fire hazard in the bin wagon - and throwing them away is also a waste of precious natural resources. Many small electrical items contain materials that - if they're collected for recycling - can be recovered and used again.

So what can you do? There's more information on the Council website - and there's also a campaign, Recycle Your Electricals, run by Material Focus, which has a map which tells you where you can recycle electrical items near you - including a number of recently installed small-electricals banks in neighbourhoods across Leeds.

We recently spoke with Scott Butler, Executive Director of Material Focus, to find out more about the Recycle Your Electricals campaign.

Household Waste Sites also have banks for small electrical items - you can book to visit a Household Waste Site via this online booking system.

Longer term, there are plans in place to make it easier for you to return small electrical items to the retailer you bought them from. But for now you can either find a small electrical bank on the map, or book to visit a Household Waste Site.

If you have a large electrical item, such as a TV or washing machine, and it's still in good condition and in working order, then please think about donating it to a charity shop. There's a list of some of the local charities that take items (and which offer a limited collection service) on the Council website.

If you're buying a new item like a washing machine, it's worth finding out whether the retailer will take away your old item, either for a fee or free of charge.

Large electrical items can also be recycled at Household Waste Sites - which are currently operating with a booking system in place.

If you're unable to get to a Household Waste Site, the Council offers a limited collection service for bulky items, which costs £30 per booking. The service is free of charge to households in receipt of Council Tax Support. More information on this service is available on their website.