We've shared some tips on how you can create your own compost heap at home.

Many people are put off composting, thinking it’s too difficult or results in a smelly mess. Follow these tips and you should end up with a rich compost that can go back on your garden.

Where to store - It's completely up to you! Some people choose to go for a simple heap on the ground and others prefer to use some kind of an enclosure. There are lots of shops online that sell different types of compost bins, including Bokashi bins, which are great for using indoors, or wormeries or compost tumblers for outdoors. You can even find tips on how to make a compost bin out of old wooden pallets or wheelie bins.

Balance your greens and browns - To avoid a smelly compost heap, it is important to try and balance your greens and browns, ideally like a sandwich you need two layers of browns to one layer of green filling. Browns include - torn up cardboard, hay or pet bedding, dried leaves, straw, wood ash and hedge trimmings or woody stems. Greens include - grass clippings, kitchen vegetable waste, leafy prunings and weeds.

Too wet? Too dry? - Heap look wet and sloppy? Add some browns. Heap look dry? Add some greens and water it. An ideal heap is moist enough so that when squeezed it will stick together but water doesn't run out.

Let it breathe - Your heap needs air to work. Mix it with a fork or spade every couple of weeks. Or if you have two bins you can turn the contents of one into the other.

Let us know how your home composting goes or if you have any other top tips!