It's been great to see so many more more people out on bikes in Leeds over the last few weeks.

Many of us have been tempted out onto the streets by the lack of traffic - and obviously it's been a good way to get a bit of exercise local to home.

And longer term, more of us cycling short trips around our city will be an important way to keep Leeds moving as things begin to return to something approaching "normal".

There's every chance you're one of many people who have got the bike out of the shed or garage, after not using it for months.

It may just need the tyres pumping up, or a bit of oil on the chain.

But if it needs more work, you might have gone to your local bike shop - only to find out that they are busier than ever - and can't book you in for a repair for a few weeks.

So if that's the case, how can you get help to repair your bike?

Fortunately, YouTube is your friend!

We asked our Twitter followers for their favourite YouTube videos for bike repairs - and one site - Parktool - kept getting mentioned. So we've set up a playlist on our YouTube channel with Parktool videos for some of the most likely things you're going to need to sort out on your bike - including replacing an inner tube, patching an inner tube, cleaning your chain and adjusting your brakes.

Leeds also has an excellent community bike workshop - Pedallers Arms - just off Mabgate, in the city centre. It's currently closed due to COVID 19 (but check their website for the latest info).

When they reopen, you'll be able to join for an annual fee (or pay as you go) and get access to all their tools - and good value reused parts.

Buying second hand bikes

There are lots of options for buying second hand bikes in Leeds, including some excellent social enterprises. You'll need to check opening hours as obviously these are subject to change at the moment - but your options include Leeds Bike Mill, The Bikes College, and Meanwood Valley Farm. Other reuse shops and charity shops, such as Emmaus Leeds and Revive (at Kirkstall and Seacroft Household Waste Sites) often have bikes for sale too. Again - all are currently closed - so it's worth checking on their websites for when they reopen.

More info on cycling in Leeds

We've shared all we know in this google doc - there's info on there about things like bike shops that do repairs, social enterprises selling second hand bikes, and other things like links to maps of good routes. It's a work in progress - if you've got ideas on how we can improve the document, please comment on it.

We hope to see you out on the road on your freshly repaired or newly refurbished bike!