We recently chatted with Kathryn from Leeds City Council to find out everything you need to know about cardboard and paper recycling in Leeds.

You can watch our chat with Kathryn here:

Card and paper are amongst the most commonly recycled materials - in fact around half (by weight) of a green recycling bin in Leeds will be made up of paper and card.

There's every chance that over the last few months you've been getting quite a few home deliveries, so you'll have a good amount of cardboard to recycle.

In our chat with Kathryn we put the questions that people ask us most regularly to her, and here are some of the main points she raised.

Card and paper recycling top tips

There's a list of the main paper and card products that can go in your green bin in Leeds here.

You don't have to worry about removing the tape from cardboard boxes - but do flatten them (so you can fit more in your bin).

You can recycle pizza boxes - as long as there's only a bit of grease on theme. If there's any food on the box - pop it in your black bin. It's possible that half the box is clean - in that case rip the box and put the clean part in your green bin.

Greetings cards can go in your green bin - but not if they've got glitter or other attachments on them.

Similarly most wrapping paper can go in your green bin - but not if it has glitter on it - and not if it's the kind of wrap that is metallic/plastic.

You don't need to tear out the windows from window envelopes.

It's best not to put anything with personal details in your green bin - maybe tear that bit off the document and recycle the rest - or shred personal documents.

Shredded paper can't go in your green bin, as it damages the machinery at the sorting plant. You could consider composting it, using it as packaging if you're selling something on ebay, or pop it in your black bin.

Tetrapaks - which are made of up a number of materials including paper and card - can go in your green bin.

It's important that paper and card doesn't get wet - as it makes it much more difficult to recycle. So it's a good idea to allow other things (like cans or plastic bottles) to dry before you put them in your green bin.

Think about reuse too - maybe someone else might want your cardboard (bike boxes in particular are always in demand) or perhaps you can use your cardboard boxes for something else - like den making or a #PEWithJoe exercise mat!

How to find out more

You can keep in touch with the Council's Leeds Recycles team on Facebook and Twitter - and you can also sign up to their e-newsletter - which has lots of top tips on recycling in Leeds.

And as always, if you have any questions, just get in touch with us, via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.