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Clothes, furniture, electrical items... we can help to make sure these things doesn't go to waste.
Boy in Christmas jumper

'Tis the season to wear your Christmas jumper - again!

We recently chatted with Lottie Hanson-Lowe, from Hubbub about clothing, fashion and,...

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Tech Angels - helping Leeds' businesses to donate surplus laptops

Do you run or work for a local business that purchases new laptops every three or...

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Reusable nappies

Reusable nappies - how to apply for a trial pack - or for money off

Did you know that a baby can get through the equivalent of 12 wheelie bins of...

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Support your local Zero waste shop

We’re lucky to have so many zero waste shops in Leeds! To make it easy for you to...

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Setting up a school uniform exchange - Facebook or WhatsApp group

One of the simplest ways to start a uniform reuse scheme at your school is to use an...

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Kids running in school uniform

Leeds School Uniform Exchange

We’re building a movement to help Leeds become a Zero Waste City by 2030. As part of...

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Children running at school

New project to redistribute school uniforms in west Leeds

We recently spoke with Cllr Hannah Bithell, a Councillor for the Kirkstall ward in...

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Stuart Clarke from Leeds Digital Festival donating laptops to DAWY at Hyde Park Book Club

Got a spare laptop or tablet? Why not donate it?

Earlier this year we chatted to Jack Simpson from Hyde Park Book Club, about Digital...

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A collection of reusable items outside Hyde Park Picture House

The End of Term Big Clear Out – information for Leeds students

Lots of students will be leaving Leeds over the next few weeks - and naturally...

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Having a clear out?

Earlier this year we spoke to Lesley Naylor from Clutter Therapy UK and Nicola...

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Photo of a bicycle in a repair shop by Alexander Dummer via Canva

How can I get my bike repaired in Leeds?

It's been great to see so many more more people out on bikes in Leeds over the last...

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Donating and buying secondhand stuff

With so many options to buy and donate secondhand stuff in Leeds, there's really very...

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Sewing, repair and upcycling

Around 4,000 tonnes of clothing end up in Leeds' black bins every year. With a little...

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How to make a face covering from stuff you have lying around the house

It's really easy to make face coverings out of stuff you have lying around your...

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Recycle, reuse, repair and upcycle your clothes

Did you know that 4000 tonnes of clothing and textiles end up in Leeds' black bins...

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Sewing machine

Get to know your reuse and repair options in Leeds

When we're thinking about wasting less, we often end up focusing first on recycling....

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Refill containers

Stop your waste in its tracks

When we think about wasting less, we often think first of recycling. And whilst...

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