Our work is all about building a movement to help Leeds become a zero waste city by 2030. To do this we're constantly trying to find new ways to reach different audiences. Getting any media coverage is always a huge bonus!

We have featured a lot recently for our work on recycling, waste reduction, and school uniform reuse, including several appearances on BBC Look North, BBC Radio Leeds, Radio Aire and the Yorkshire Evening Post.

If you are interested in running a story about any of our work, please do get in touch!

BBC Look North

21st June 2020 - Leeds School Uniform Exchange

Gill Coupland from Zero Waste Leeds featured alongside Fresh Start Community Projects on BBC Look North talking about school uniform reuse.

11th June 2020 - Glass recycling

Gill Coupland from Zero Waste Leeds featured in a story on BBC Look North on what happens next to glass that is recycled in Leeds’ 700 glass banks.

27th May 2020 - Recycling centres & waste reduction

Zero Waste Leeds featured on a BBC Look North story by Tom Ingall about the recycling centres reopening after lockdown. Gill from Zero Waste Leeds explained how she reduces waste by donating good quality second-hand items to charity shops to reuse.

15th April 2020 - Reducing waste whilst staying at home - Covid-19

Gill Coupland from Zero Waste Leeds spoke with BBC Look North's Emma Glasbey about ways that people in Leeds can reduce waste whilst they #stayathomesavelives during the Covid-19 pandemic.

19th December 2019 - Zero Waste Christmas

Gill Coupland from Zero Waste Leeds shared ideas for a Zero Waste Christmas on BBC Look North.

BBC Radio Leeds

3rd September 2020 - Leeds School Uniform Exchange

Gill spoke to Stephanie Hirst at BBC Radio Leeds about the success of the Leeds School Uniform project.

6th August 2020 - LS26 Scheme & Leeds School Uniform Exchange

Alice Hennigan talked on BBC Radio Leeds about the LS26 School Uniform Scheme she set up after struggling to find anywhere local to donate her five-year-old daughter's old school clothes. She also mentions Leeds School Uniform Exchange, and how we have mapped all of the uniform reuse schemes across Leeds.

Radio Aire

18th August 2020 - Leeds School Uniform Exchange

Gill from Zero Waste Leeds went on Radio Aire to talk about Leeds School Uniform Exchange and how people can get involved.

Yorkshire Evening Post

20th August 2020 - Charity urges parents to use second hand uniform as cost of clothing school children in Leeds is estimated at staggering £6m

4th August 2020 - Leeds mum sets up free school uniform scheme to help struggling parents and cut down on waste

15th July 2020 - School uniform sharing campaign launched to help struggling families in Leeds

3rd December 2019 - This is how recycling rates in Leeds city centre have tripled in one year

12th June 2019 - How Leeds bars and clubs are waking up to plastic waste issue

North Leeds Life

23rd June 2020 - Lockdown has brought some positive outcomes

17th December 2019 - Recycling our way to a healthier planet

Wellington Place

12th August 2020 - 5 Super Simple Ways to Reduce Household Waste

Runner's World (UK)

1st March 2020 - Eco heroes - campaigns and campaigners - Rob Greenland, Zero Waste Leeds