One issue - that we're interested in exploring is how to manage the environmental impacts of races that are held in Leeds.

Many of us love to run - and lots run to race. And there are all sorts of positive impacts of all of that! But naturally there are some less positive impacts too - most notably the enormous amount of single-use plastics that hundreds of runners can get through.

So we're bringing running clubs and race organisers together in Leeds to explore what we can do. We know good stuff is already happening - in Leeds and elsewhere - and we'd like to build upon, and learn from, all of that.

And then we'd like to play our part in supporting people - particularly anyone who puts on races - to work out how to better manage the environmental impacts of races.

Races are brilliant events - often run by volunteers, often raising thousands of pounds for charities. We don't want to spoil that fun - and we don't want to make things overly complicated - particularly when people are working hard for free. But we're sure there'll be stuff we can do together - and we know there is appetite to do more.

If you've got any thoughts please comment below, email us or add your thoughts to the Google Doc.

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