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Recycling can get a bit confusing at times - we're here to help to make it that bit easier.
Photo of bales of cardboard and paper by Alex Fu via Canva

Recycling paper and card in your green bin in Leeds

We recently chatted with Kathryn from Leeds City Council to find out everything you...

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Image of three bins - a belly bin, a yellow recycling bin and an orange recycling bin

Recycling whilst you're out and about in Leeds city centre

Did you know that in the centre of Leeds we've got over 80 recycling bins - so that...

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Gill Coupland from Zero Waste Leeds talking to Phil Bodmer on BBC Look North.

What happens next to the glass I recycle in Leeds?

Have you ever wondered what happens next to the glass that you recycle in one of...

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Photo by George Becker via Canva of two plastic bottles

Which plastics can I recycle in my green bin in Leeds?

We all get confused sometimes about which plastics we can recycle in our green bin -...

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Recycling Quiz

Are you a Binfluencer, Recycling Rookie or Bin Beginner? Take our quiz below to find...

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Photo of blue paint and roller by Anete Lusina

How can I recycle paint in Leeds?

If you have paint that could be used by someone else, local social enterprise...

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Close up Photo of batteries by Hilary Halliwell, via Canva

Where can I recycle batteries in Leeds?

It's really important to not put batteries in your black bin, or in your green bin....

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Please don't put small electrical items in your black bin - they can cause a fire hazard.

How do I recycle electrical items in Leeds?

It’s important not to put small electrical items that are no longer working in your...

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Did you know that 4000 tonnes of clothing is thrown away in Leeds black bins every year?

What can I do with clothes I no longer want?

It’s estimated that the average household in Leeds throws away around 12 kilos of...

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Glass recycling bins at Roundhay Park

Where can I recycle my glass in Leeds?

Glass isn’t currently collected from our homes in Leeds. However there are more than...

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Recyclable plastic bottles

What can I recycle in my green bin?

The main things that can go in your green recycling bin are: Paper and cardboard...

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What can and can't be recycled in Leeds?

If you've ever spent longer than necessary wondering whether the margarine tub,...

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Plastic bottles

Get to know more about recycling

It goes without saying that recycling plays an important part in helping us to waste...

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