Zero Waste Leeds is helping to spread the word about Leeds City Council's new on-the-go recycling campaign

With busy schedules we're eating and drinking more and more whilst on the move. In the UK, we consume 13 billion plastic bottles, 9 billion drinks and nearly 3 billion coffee cups every year. However, over 80% of the food and drink packaging that we get through each year doesn’t get recycled.

Leeds has been one of the very first cities in the UK to find innovative solutions to recycling on the go. Through the award-winning campaign #LeedsByExample, the number of people reporting that they recycle in the city centre increased from 17% to 49% -  with all that extra recycling saving energy, greenhouse gas emissions and precious natural resources.

On the back of the city centre campaign success, Leeds City Council has introduced new on-the-go recycling bins in Chapel Allerton, Morley, Garforth, Headingley, Otley and Wetherby to help more people recycle their cans, coffee cups and plastic bottles whilst out and about.

Over the next few months,  we will be supporting the Council to get the word out within local communities, letting more people know the importance of recycling these materials and how to make the most of the new orange and yellow bins.

But of course, reducing and reusing are even more important than recycling. So throughout the campaign we’ll also be encouraging people to remember their reusable cup or reusable water bottle - and we’ll let you know about where you can refill your water bottle for free, or get your coffee in a reusable cup - sometimes with the added bonus of a discount.

To find out more about recycling whilst you’re out and about in Leeds, have a look at the #LeedsByExample website - where you’ll find a map that shows where all the bins are.

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