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Garden waste

Want to start composting, create wildlife habitats, or reuse what's in your garden?

Using a wormery to deal with food waste

Very little food goes in the bin at our house. I’d love to say it’s because we’re...

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How to deal with weeds in your garden

The use of toxic weedkillers like glyphosate is sadly rife in the UK. The problem is...

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How to save water in your garden

Water is a very precious resource, required for all life and yet we often take it for...

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Autumn zero waste garden tips

It's autumn, which means many plants and trees are losing their leaves. For the zero...

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Need help choosing a compost bin?

My compost bin journey (Guest blog from Helen Butt of Leeds Rotters) My first...

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How to compost in a trench

A guest blog from Helen Butt of the Leeds Rotters There are many ways to compost at...

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What are the benefits of composting?

There are so many good reasons to compost waste and you and your garden will...

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Too wet or dry? Top composting challenges

No one size fits all and different methods work for different situations. That's one...

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How to deal with woody waste

Woody waste can't go in your compost heap. So what can you do with it? Here are some...

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Tips for reusing garden waste

What is garden waste? It’s the waste that you generate in your garden such as grass...

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Image of fruit and veg peelings about to go in a compost heap

Top tips on starting a compost heap at home

We've shared some tips on how you can create your own compost heap at home. Many...

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Double compost bin

We need you! Share your waste stories!

We need your help to share ways we can all reduce waste at home and in the garden....

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