We need your help to share ways we can all reduce waste at home and in the garden.

How can you help?

We need people to volunteer to host a Facebook Live. It's not as scary as it sounds honest! We're already lining someone up to do one on composting. Other ideas could include - beginners veg growing, wilding up your garden (relaxed mowing, leave hedges for nesting birds), how to cut down on food waste, any creative ideas for reducing waste.

We'd also like to people to send us short (less than a minute) videos of you doing any of the above. We'd love to feature children too doing creative things with found objects in the home or garden.

How would it work?

You would commit to being 'live' for an hour on Facebook answering questions that have been sent to you in advance (so plenty of time to prepare). We'd ask that you do a short intro, giving a chance to promote what you do. We'd also ask people to send questions in during the 'live' but you can choose which to answer. As many as we can get through in an hour.

We'll promote it through Zero Waste Leeds in the days before. We're not expecting any of this to be perfect but in some ways the less perfect ones work best!

What you need?

A smartphone or a broadband connected computer with video and audio, we'll talk you through the rest.

Please email suzanne@zerowasteleeds.org.uk, or send us a message on Facebook, if you're interested. We're totally open to your ideas!