No one should ever feel excluded from running because they don't have the right kit or equipment. That’s why Together For Sport – our project to help redistribute great quality second hand sports kit around the city so everyone can take part - is teaming up with the amazing Junior Parkrun.

On Sunday 16th October we’re calling for donations of good quality trainers and non event-specific running tops, shorts and leggings in children’s and young people’s sizes.

There will be a collection points at the following Junior Parkrun events across the city -

Bramley, Roundhay, Cross Flatts, Horsforth and Bodington.

Please make sure that any donations are washed, clean and bagged before donating.

Through Together For Sport we have well established networks that we will use to distribute any excess kit that is donated.

We will also be linking up with community groups in each area to let them know what is happening and to see if they want to donate or take any of the kit, sharing it with people who need it the most in their communities.

Please keep an eye out for posts on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram