Many of us want to make more sustainable clothing choices but don’t know where to start. We’ve launched Leeds Fashion Futures to explore how as a city we can do that.

This has been such an exciting project to work on with the RSA. Our three themes of Heritage, Valuing Your clothes and Skills & Resources have given us a real insight into what fashion means to people across Leeds.

As part of this project we've created Leeds Fashion Map, which includes zero waste fashion options including charity shops, textile banks, alterations and repairs, clothes exchanges, sewing workshops and sustainable fashion designers. We’re also adding local haberdashers and sewing machine sales, maintenance and repair shops.

We've also launched The Leeds Textile Trail - a journey through some of the people, places and events that make Leeds stand out in the world of clothing and textiles.

If you are interested in sustainable fashion, find out more on the dedicated Leeds Fashion Futures pages and join our Leeds Fashion Futures group on Facebook.