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10% of all carbon emissions come from fashion.
Leeds Fashion Futures week - image of a clothes rail

Leeds Fashion Futures Week

In February we held Leeds Fashion Futures Week - a celebration of the things we’ve...

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Leeds Textile Trail

Today we've launched Leeds Textile Trail, a journey through some of the people,...

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Illustration of Sunny Bank Mills

Sunny Bank Mills

As part of our #LeedsFashionFutures project, we recently spoke with Sunny Bank Mills...

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Sewing PPE at a Community Clothing partner factory

A conversation with Community Clothing

As part of our #LeedsFashionFutures project, we recently spoke with Jenny Whisker...

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Leeds Fashion Futures and The RSA

To launch our Leeds Fashion Futures Week, we hosted a Facebook Live conversation with...

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Who was Sir Montague Burton?

One of the themes that we're exploring throughout #LeedsFashionFutures week is the...

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#LeedsFashionFutures interview with Dr Mark Sumner

As part of our #LeedsFashionFutures project, we were joined recently on our Facebook...

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Calling all makers!

Love sustainable fashion, live in Leeds and want to help others learn to sew? We are...

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Photo of typical school uniform

Join us to make school uniform reuse the norm in Leeds

It's incredible to reflect on how much we have achieved together through our Leeds...

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Leeds Community Clothing Exchange

Leeds Fashion Futures

We've been exploring how we can work together as a city to reduce the negative...

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Leeds - how can we make more sustainable fashion choices?

What can we do together to reduce the environmental impacts of our wardrobes? That's...

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Photo courtesy of Leeds Community Clothes Exchange

Sustainability in fashion - why and how?

We’re focusing on fashion, clothing and textiles. Why? A new report from waste...

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Join our fashion revolution

We'd like your help to explore what we can do to reduce the environmental impacts of...

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