Leeds glass recycling

Exploring what we can do as a city to keep recycling more glass.

What we’re doing

We want recycling glass to be something that everyone in the city does and for us all to understand the difference it makes. We spent some time exploring the reasons why some people don’t recycle their glass which helped us to find solutions and ways to make it easier. We’ve pulled together our top glass recycling tips, including a useful map to find your nearest glass bank, as well as some interesting facts about the glass industry in Yorkshire.

Why we’re doing it

Last year the people of Leeds recycled 37% more glass than the year before. We think that’s amazing! We want to build on that success and continue to increase the amount of glass recycled in Leeds. Why? Using recycled glass bottles and jars to make new glass is much more environmentally friendly - less energy is used when new glass products are made with recycled glass, and less CO2 is released. It also helps to support a thriving local Yorkshire circular glass economy.

There are over 700 glass banks at close to 400 locations across Leeds

By recycling your glass you're helping to save energy, reduce CO2 emissions and support the Yorkshire glass economy.

Glass can be recycled over and over again without ever losing its quality

A glass bottle or jar that you recycle today could be back on the shelf in your local shop in just a few weeks.

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