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Exploring what we can do to recycle more glass as a city.

The unveiling of three new community designed glass banks

Earlier this month we celebrated the unveiling of three stunning new glass banks in...

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Why isn't glass collected from our homes in Leeds?

We're currently running a campaign, funded by the glass industry, to encourage people...

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Zero Waste Leeds launch a new glass recycling campaign

Join us over the next few months as we launch a city-wide glass recycling campaign -...

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Where can I recycle my glass in Leeds?

Glass isn’t currently collected from our homes in Leeds. However, there are more than...

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Gill Coupland from Zero Waste Leeds talking to Phil Bodmer on BBC Look North.

What happens next to the glass I recycle in Leeds?

Have you ever wondered what happens next to the glass that you recycle in one of...

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Glass manufacturing in Yorkshire

Did you know that glass manufacturing is big in Yorkshire - and has been for hundreds...

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Environmental impact of glass

Why is it good for the environment if you recycle your glass? Well, in short, you...

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Glass - what, where and how to recycle?

In Leeds last year we recycled 37% more glass than the year before. Nice one Leeds!...

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