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Food waste

Research suggests many of us have reduced how much food we waste over the last couple of months.

Top tips on avoiding food waste

According to a recent survey from WRAP, UK households adopted more ‘food smart’...

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Leeds City on a Mission - Food Waste

Gill from Zero Waste Leeds recently featured on BBC Radio Five Live twice talking...

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Selling surplus food just got easy

Do you run a food and drink business in Leeds - and are you interested in how you can...

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Seven heavenly ideas to use up your fruit

Every year, UK households waste around 1.1 million tonnes of fruit. Around half of...

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Tips for growing your own salad

It's summer and the time of year when plants and gardens are growing furiously and...

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5 top tips to make the most of your milk

As always, our top tip is not to overbuy. It’s so easy to pick up a pint - and it’s...

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Totally devoted to veg - ten top tips to reduce veg waste

It’s estimated that fresh veg and salad make up 28% of our food waste* - and the main...

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Ten tips for using your loaf

In the UK we throw away 24 million slices of bread EVERY DAY. It’s time we learned to...

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Know your labels - use by and best before

Every year, approximately 6.6 million tonnes of food are wasted by UK households,...

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