Our campaign to encourage people to keep hold of good quality items so that they can donate them to charity shops, when they reopen, was featured on BBC Look North on Wednesday.

Gill Coupland from Zero Waste Leeds spoke about the importance of keeping hold of good quality items like clothing, books and household items, rather than throwing them away.

Charity shops have been closed since March, whilst understandably many of us have spent some of the extra time we've had at home over the past ten weeks to have a bit of a clear out.

But unfortunately, with charity shops closed, it's been impossible to donate good quality items to them.

We've been working alongside local charities to encourage people to keep hold of their stuff for a few weeks longer. Charities will need the income that they receive through selling donations more than ever, when they reopen.

We know that they are all working hard at the moment to put measures in places so that they can reopen safely, and begin to accept donations again.

Please keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest details on when local charity shops reopen.