It’s headlines like these sharing real positive change happening in our city that help us get out of bed each morning with a smile!

Over 1.2 million coffee cups, 160,000 plastic bottles and 140,000 cans were collected as part of #LeedsbyExample, and all went on to be recycled in the North of England. Recycling rates in our city centre tripled from 17% to 49% and now it’s being rolled out to other cities in the UK. Leeds truly leading the way.

We were extremely proud to be a part of this and even more so to be partnering with Leeds City Council on phase 3 of the project. So where do we go from here? Well we know thousands come into the city each day for work and so this time we’re focusing on workplaces. We can’t get to them all but if you work in a large city centre office, then please get in touch and we’ll do our best to visit.

We’ve also got a thriving student population and so we’ll be continuing to work and make connections with colleges and universities to hopefully encourage more people to think about the impact of their waste on our city and planet and to take action to change. Putting the right thing in the right bin is the first step. We’d really love to see everyone with a reusable cup and will be giving them out as competition prizes in the coming weeks.

Building strong online communities is a powerful way to share these messages so please tell your friends about us. The more of us there are, the bigger the impact!

As other cities across the country start their on-the-go recycling challenge, we plan on staying one step ahead! #LeedsbyExample #EveryActionCounts