Christmas can be a time when so much gets wasted or thrown away - but it doesn't need to be that way!

We've been working on a really exciting project with local TV production company True North, to produce a series of twelve short films on the theme of a Zero Waste Christmas.

The films feature many of the fantastic small businesses, social enterprises and community groups in Leeds that are making it easier than ever for us to have a fun, but less wasteful, Christmas.

We're sharing one film a day in the run up to Christmas, and so far we've had films about Christmas crackers, making your own decorations, how to avoid giving gifts that no-one wants, and that classic amongst Christmas gifts - the bicycle (but refurbished of course).

You can see each of the films as they come out by following us on Facebook, or by subscribing to our YouTube channel.

We are SO grateful for the time and expertise that the team at True North have so generously offered to this project - and we hope you like the films as much as we do!