It can seem like everyone wants to build a movement at the moment. So what do we mean when we're saying it too?

Our thinking on this is linked in a big way to our thinking around the climate emergency.

In short, there's no time to waste. So it's important that a lot of us do stuff, and do it with some urgency.

And that's where the movement building comes in. At Zero Waste Leeds, we have limited time, and limited budgets. So it's important that we use that time and money as best we can. And we think the best us of resources available to us is to focus primarily on supporting people and organisations across the city to do more, to help us all to waste less.

We want to tap into the desire so many of us have to act. We want to harness the enthusiasm people have to do stuff. We want to make build upon all the good things that are already happening, to help them to reach more people.

That's what we mean when we talk about movement building. We see our role as connectors, supporters, champions, encouragers-in-chief. Joining the dots, spotting opportunities, bringing people together to help make things happen. Telling stories - good news stories - of all the great stuff that's happening in the city. So that more people find out about it. More people join in. More people to decide to do stuff themselves.

We see our role as connectors, supporters, champions, encouragers-in-chief.

That, for us, is what building a zero waste movement in Leeds is all about. If you agree, please join us. Give us a follow on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or sign up to our e-newsletter. Or email us with your thoughts on what we could do together.