We've achieved an enormous amount in the couple of months that we've been working on encouraging more school uniform reuse in Leeds!

There's been a fantastic response from people across Leeds. Community groups have come forward to run local uniform exchanges, and parents from across the city have set up Facebook groups to make it easier for people to swap uniforms at their schools.

And our Leeds School Uniform Exchange Facebook group is a hive of activity - with over 1000 members offering and requesting school uniform all across our city.

Our map lists all the uniform reuse schemes that we know about so far.

But we want to do so much more.

We know full well that there's still loads to do.

We've been thinking about how to build on what we've done so far, so that second hand school uniform truly becomes first choice in Leeds.

And why stop in Leeds? We think our model - encouraging whoever's best placed in local communities - schools, parents, or community groups - to set up a reuse scheme near them - has potential to work just about anywhere.

Can you help us to create a platform for sharing?

One of the things we've been working on behind the scenes is a database for the project.

A list of schools. Their uniform requirements. Their contact details. Their social media accounts. Plus information about any schemes - either run by the school, or by parents, or by a local community group - that are currently running.

We've also been exploring how to use other publicly available data - such as local statistics around number of families living in poverty - to target our work more.

This database is basically what is behind our map.

We think there is potential to do much more.

We want to make it as easy as possible for people to share school uniform.

We'd like to create a platform that helps people to offer or request uniform, and to find if there are any reuse schemes running near them, that they could get in touch with.

We also want to find a way to track, as best we can, how much uniform is shared. We acknowledge the challenge in doing this - particularly as our model is a "decentralised" one - ie we encourage uniform reuse - we don't do it ourselves. But we'd like to find a way to encourage people, as easily as possible, to let us know that they've successfully shared some school uniform.

Then on top of that, we'd like to set something up so that we can easily calculate the environmental impact of uniform reuse. Wasting less clothing is one important way for us to respond practically to the Climate Emergency.

Could you help us to build our online uniform sharing platform?

We've developed a brief for an online platform for our uniform reuse project, which you can read here. It's our current best guess at what we need, based on our experience so far.

We haven't set a budget yet, as we want to understand, by talking with people, exactly what the potential for this is, technology-wise. Once we have a better idea, we'll approach funders to support us with this exciting piece of work.

If this is your area of expertise, and you'd like to work with us to increase the impact we have, please get in touch to discuss things further.